Hello wonderful people! Today we are digging for Easter eggs and toys in this huge tub full of rainbow ball-pit balls! Watch to see what we find and stay tuned because we will be opening them in Part 2 Tomorrow! We have all sorts in this haul including a 1KG EGG, Shopkins, pokemon, kinder surprise maxi egg and Disney Frozen Queen Elsa chocolate.


Frozen Elsa Hollow Chocolate (Australia)
Eggstreme 1kg egg (Australia)
Kinder surprise bunny (Australia)
Kinder surprise Maxi (Australia)
Pikachu Mug/egg set (Australia)
Easter Crackers (Australia)
Shopkins easter tin with extra hollow eggs (Australia)
M&Ms easter dispenser (Australia)
M&Ms yellow easter mug set (Australia)
it sugar bunny poop (USA)
Humpty Dumpty Egg (Australia)
Darryl Lea Sprinkle egg (Australia)
Egg relay (Australia)
Milky bar milky barn (Australia)
Easter recess peanut butter cups (USA)
Cadbury marshmallow eggs (new Zealand)
Chocolate Kiwi (new Zealand)
Rainbow bunny plush toy (Australia)
Scary Bunny – Feisty Pets Toy (Australia)
Malteser Bunnies (Australia)
Speckled Eggs (Australia)