Our story

Charli’s Crafty Kitchen was born in 2012 because Charli loves baking and being creative and Ashlee loves food – we just combined the two!   Charli was only Six and Ashlee was three.  Since then the Channel has grown to 700 000 subscribers and amassed more than 700 million views globally.

With help from mum and dad, Charli and Ashlee now upload videos twice weekly, and are involved in many creative aspects of the channel.  From humble beginnings in a spare room in 2012 the channel has now evolved into one of the most viewed channels in the country. There are over 300 videos up on our YouTube channel now and the girls even have their very own kitchen studio.

In 2016 Charli’s Crafty Kitchen was nominated a second time for a Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Award for “Favourite Social Media Star” and Charli and Ash were thrilled to attend the KCA awards s in LA.

The girls have twice appeared live on Channel 7’s Sunrise and also on Channel 9’s the Today Show.  They have been in multiple print publications including the Sunday Mail, New Idea Magazine and the Sydney Morning Herald.  Charli’s Crafty Kitchen also received global online attention when it was featured in The Daily Mail and Business Insider, with the publication going viral and being translated into many different languages and re-circulated many times over.   Charli & Ash were even on TV in China!

Recently Charli has shown interest in modeling so we were very excited when Australia’s largest Tween magazine, Total Girl, offered to have Charli model for their denim special.  The six-page feature was printed in the April 2016 edition and feedback was very positive both from the magazine and from our viewers.  Total Girl magazine also did a profile piece about Charli’s Crafty Kitchen in the in the March edition, where both Charli & Ash featured on the front cover alongside Selena Gomez.

Charli and Ashlee appeared on the Disney Channel several times in 2016 as well as FoxFM and 2DayFM and the Courier Mail

Meet the awesome duo!

We simply love baking, creating and tasting.

Our Channel

Charli is 10 years old and lives in Australia.  She loves art, craft, baking and being entertaining.  She is super outgoing and always finds the positives in every situation.  Charli loves playing games on her I-pad and making loom band bracelets.  What is her favorite food she has made so far?  “Push pop planes, they were soooo yummy!”

Ashlees favorite part of making videos is the taste test!  She loves making people laugh and one day she wants to be a doctor.  She also loves animals, books and fluffy toys.  Favorite food on Charli’s Crafty Kitchen?  “Froggy cupcakes and minnie mouse cookie pops!”